Shin Itagaki was born in a town in Yamagata, Japan. Living around mountains and lush greenery, Shin’s disposition toward nature has been a constant in life. When he was in high school, he belonged to the mountaineering club and climbed the mountain on weekend. He felt a quiet world away from the hustle and bustle of the city in the mountain. The majestic nature overwhelmed and inspired him, and he felt a continuous life.


These feelings are also reflected in his works.  The painting that feels like a calm moment. The building which floods in Tokyo is thought as still life. The girl with the wall standing there. It seems to be lonely in the wistfully thing. However, the relation appears when the same motif is repeatedly drawn. Even if there is only one piece in front of you, it is part of the continuum, and there is a connection.  It will be considered the same in life and society.


While exhibiting on a regular basis, he is seeking the possibility of expression, 3D modeling, making music, live performance, and working as a graphic designer. He received a Bachelor of Engineering from Ibaraki University, and Diploma of Art from Tokyo Design College.

February 19- April 9 "Shin Itagaki Exhibition" at Tully's in Omotesando Hills
August 16-18 2016  "inquire" at Design Festa Gallery (Japan)
December 9-10 2017  "Shiodome Street Festival 2017 -Winter-"